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Facce da Blogger

"Facce da Blogger" is a photographic reportage realized between 2014 and 2020 of the 100 most representative bloggers of the Italian 2.0 web era, from Salvatore Aranzulla to the 30-year-olds, from Dio (Alessandro Paolucci) to Spinoza (Stefano Andreoli), from La McMusa (Marta Ciccolari Micaldi) to Massimo Temporelli and Annamaria Testa.

In these six years of work, I have travelled all over Italy, from the Euganean Hills to the main cities and provinces (Rome, Milan, Turin, Mantua, Florence, Venice, Genoa,...) and bloggers have come to me from all regions of our country to be portrayed in my studio in Milan.

Documenting blogging as a phenomenon in itself was not my main interest, I wanted to witness the personalities behind the articles, bring out their desire to give us, by means of the new media, conscious information that enriches and helps filter the news with a touch of individuality, and to tell with a snapshot the beauty of their creative impulse and their uniqueness.

Over the years, the project has been exhibited in galleries and festivals all over Italy, each time enriched with new and unprecedented portraits, with the intention of contributing to a new look following the change taking place represented by the new protagonists of communication.