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Autogrill: Still

Reportage started in the early 2000s, resumed in 2008, in 2019 and still in progress, conceived as anthropological and social photo research.

The images represent postcards of the holidaying population portrayed in the rest areas of Italian motorways. Families, passionate bikers, couples on the road, hippies, lone travelers and businessmen: all of them hit the road. A stop during the journey becomes a revealing moment of personalities, relationships, fashions, habits and attitudes.

In 2003, part of the photo collection was exhibited at the B.Brecht Gallery in Milan (curated by A. Madesani), in 2009 at Villa Vallero Rivarolo Canavese, Turin, and in 2021 at Palazzo Lucerna in Rorà, at the Archaeological Museum in Bene Vagienna (CN) (curated by L. Girivetto Mensio).